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100+ Groups Launch “PowHer the Vote” To Magnify Women’s Voices & Votes in 2018 Election


Contact: Beverly Neufeld, PowHerNY, 914.698.6926

Lauren Betters, Gender Equality Law Center, 347.844.9003

New York — The Gender Equality Law Center in partnership with PowHer New York statewide network of more than 100 organizations, is banding together to ensure that women count in the upcoming elections. The non-partisan initiative — PowHer the Vote — aims to protect and expand women’s rights in New York. Galvanized by the Women’s Marches, #MeToo Movement, and federal assaults on progressive policies, this 10-week social media campaign will inject key issues into the public debate, ensure that candidates address issues of importance to women, and drive voters to the polls on Election Day in November.

Launching on Primary Day, Thursday, September 13, PowHer the Vote will spotlight critical issues every week leading up to November 6 with expert blogs, social media outreach, and online forums each Thursday from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., focused around PowHer New York’s “10 Questions to Ask Candidates.” Topics include: Child Care, Better Jobs and Equal Pay, Reproductive Rights, Violence Against Women, Criminal Justice, Leadership, and Diversity.

“The 2018 elections are critical for women. Through PowHer the Vote,issues important to women’s economic security, women’s safety, women’s rights, and women’s equality will all be brought to the forefront through various outreach methods designed to educate and inform,” said Beverly Neufeld, PowHer New York President. “Far too often, women and issues pertinent to them are ignored. Through PowHer the Vote, we hope to spotlight what concerns women, and inspire women to vote and set the course for a progressive agenda in New York.”

"The Gender Equality Law Center is thrilled to work with PowHer NY on this critical campaign to PowHer the Vote,” said Lauren Betters, GELC Staff Attorney. “GELC works tirelessly on efforts to close the gender pay gap, to combat persistent family responsibility discrimination against women in the workplace, and to fight the pernicious gender-based stereotypes that continue to play out against women and other gender minorities. The need for women’s voices is more evident now than ever to ensure women have equal access to opportunities, can earn a wage while remaining free of harassment and violence, and are supported in balancing work-family responsibilities. These issues will be immensely impacted by the outcome of the election. Get out and PowHer the Vote – Make your voices heard!”

Although the stakes for women are high, typically New York’s voter participation is low, especially in non-presidential election years. In 2014, only 34.4 percent of registered voters showed up at the polls, ranking New York 48th in the country. An outpouring of women’s votes can have enormous impact on election results, and the PowHer the Vote campaign aims to inspire and engage progressive voters across the state.

PowHer New York is a statewide network of individuals and organizations committed to accelerating economic equality for 10 million New York women and their families. Through the collective action of our 100+ network partners, we build intersectional collaborations, educate the public about combatting gender inequality, convene innovators and advocates to explore and develop new approaches and strategies, and work with legislators and business leaders on solutions.

You can find network lists, candidate questions, and more information at


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