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Stronger Pregnancy Protections in the Workplace

On May 6, 2016, Allegra L. Fishel, Executive Director and founder of the Gender Equality Law Center, was quoted in Mayor de Blasio and Human Rights Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis’ Press Release on stronger pregnancy protections in the workplace. The Commission released new guidelines that act as a roadmap to enforce the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which defines violations of pregnancy protections under the NYC Human Rights Law and requires reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees.

“GELC applauds the release of the City Commission’s Pregnancy Discrimination Guidance. The specificity of these guidelines will help us enforce the rights of our clients to obtain reasonable accommodations on the job, while pregnant. So often, we see even minor modifications denied that result in women being prematurely pushed out of their jobs. It will also lead to better enforcement of the law by making clear to employers what their actual obligations are under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.”

Read more about the new Guidance in GELC’s Press Release.


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