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Examples of Gender Stereotypes

Early Years

Girls should play with dolls and boys should play with trucks


Boys should be directed to like blue and green; girls toward red and pink


Boys should not wear dresses or other clothes typically associated with "girl's clothes"

During Youth

Girls are better at reading and boys are better at math


Girls should be well behaved; boys are expected to act out


Girls and are not as interested as boys in STEM subjects;


Boys should engage in sports and refrain from more creative pursuits; 


Boys and men are expected to use violence and aggression to prove their manliness;


A boy that doesnt use violence or aggression is an understandable target for bullying;


Girls should be thin and beautiful to make them appealing to men;


As Adults

Victims of intimate partner violence are weak because they stay in the relationship


There is something wrong with a woman who doesn’t want children 


Assertive women are unfeminine and are "bossy," "bitches” or “whores”


Women are natural nurturers; men are natural leaders


Women don’t need equal pay because they are supported by their husbands


Women who appear less feminine or reject advances from men are lesbians


Women with children are less devoted to their jobs


Men who spend time with family are less masculine and poor breadwinners


In heterosexual couples, women should take time off to care for children or elders


Men who are not aggressive and/or assertive are unmanly and likely gay


Same-sex couples cannot make good parents


A transgender or gender non-confirming person is profoundly wrong


Women are too emotional to undertake certain kinds of work, especially while pregnant


Men are too impersonal and not emotionally apt to take on tasks "better done by women"



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