Board Treasurer 

Chandra (she/her/hers) spent several years in corporate America prior to finding her way into the classroom in 2001 where she has taught math, science, and engineering to middle and high school students from California to New Jersey. In 2003, she founded a learning center in northern California, before she returned to the classroom in the DC Metro area in 2010. After spending five years teaching chemistry, physics, and STEAM electives as well as serving as a Dorm Director and diversity, equity and inclusion practitioner at the Madeira School, Chandra became the 5-12 Math Department Chair at Princeton Day School. Chandra lives on campus at PDS with her wife, who is also an educator. With a lifelong commitment to fostering healthy, open discussions among students and peers about race and social justice issues, Chandra regularly participates in workshops, symposia, and conferences on diversity and inclusion. Her end goal is always to bridge differences and help people embrace the importance of becoming more aware of the perspectives and experiences of others. Chandra believes that to truly change lives and enable students to make a difference in the world, educators need to develop students’ ability to engage in, empathize with, and relate to the people around them, despite any differences. After earning her undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Virginia, Chandra earned her Master’s degree from the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego, where she focused on the capacity of STEAM education to equalize the classroom by promoting the voices and interests of students from all different backgrounds.

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